Charles R. McClure

Charles R. McClure, PhD

Francis Eppes Professor of Information Studies and
Director, Information Use Management & Policy Institute
College of Communication & Information, Florida State University
Phone: (850) 644.8109
Fax: (850) 644.4522

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The following are 2012 projects:

Broadband Instructional Modules

The following are 2011 projects:

Florida Electronic Library Evaluation Activities, 2011-2012: Assess the Gale-Cengage Database Portfolio, and Market the Florida Electronic Library

Describing Indiana Public Libary E-Government Services, Costs, and Benefits

The following are 2010 projects:

Florida Rural Broadband Alliance Needs Assessment and Benchmarking of Anchor Institutions

Libraries and E-Government: New Partnerships in Public Service

Gale-Cengage Outreach Evaluation (ST Lib #17)

North Florida Broadband Authority Broadband Needs Assessment and Benchmarking of Anchor Institutions

Pasco County Public Library Cooperative E-Government Services in Public Libraries

The following are 2009 projects:

Catastrophic Finance and Insurance Information Web Portal

Florida Memory Project (ST Lib # 16)

Gale Training Evaluation (ST Lib # 15)

Needs Assessment of Florida Public Library E-Government and Emergency Management Broadband Services (ST Lib # 14)

Development of A Renewable Energy Research Web Portal

Browse a complete list of projects conducted by Dr. McClure and the Information Institute: